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# Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technologies <h1 align="center"> Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technologies</h1>
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Hi ! ## State-of-the-art languages for modern solutions
We have years of experience on the research and development of programming languages, formal methods techniques and tools as well as their application in industrial settings. Let’s achieve bold projects together!
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<p><img src="/assets/img/home_industry.png" /></p>
<h2>For industrial partners who face challenges</h2>
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<p><img src="/assets/img/home_research.png" /></p>
<h2>For R&D labs who need collaboration</h2>
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<p><img src="/assets/img/home_dev.png" /></p>
<h2>For developers to reach mastery</h2>
## Prototyping software solutions for you
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<footer class="container"> <footer class="container">
<p>&copy; 2011–2021 OCamlPro &middot; <p>&copy; 2011–2021 OCamlPro &middot;
<a href="https://twitter.com/ocamlpro">Twitter</a> &middot; <a href="https://twitter.com/ocamlpro">Twitter</a> &middot;
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