Unverified Commit 030b8eab authored by zapashcanon's avatar zapashcanon
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change structure

parent f0032648
(name server)
(modules assets server pages template)
(modules content server template)
(libraries dream omd))
......@@ -10,19 +10,10 @@
(run dream_eml %{deps} --workspace %{workspace_root})))
(target assets.ml)
(target content.ml)
(source_tree assets))
(source_tree content))
(run ocaml-crunch -m plain assets -o %{target}))))
(target pages.ml)
(source_tree pages))
(run ocaml-crunch -m plain pages -o %{target}))))
(run ocaml-crunch -m plain content -o %{target}))))
......@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@ let render ~lang ~title ~content =
Template.render_unsafe ~lang ~title ~content:(Dream.html_escape content)
let asset_loader _root path _request =
match Assets.read path with
match Content.read ("assets/" ^ path) with
| None -> Dream.empty `Not_Found
| Some asset -> Dream.respond asset
let page path =
match Pages.read (path ^ ".md") with
match Content.read (path ^ ".md") with
| None -> None
| Some page -> Some (Omd.of_string page |> Omd.to_html)
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