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title=New version of TryOCaml in beta!
authors=Louis Gesbert
We are happy to announce that our venerable "TryOCaml" service is being retired and replaced by a new, modern version based upon our work on [Learn-OCaml](
[Try it here](
The new interface provides an editor panel besides the familiar top-level, error and warning positions highlighting, the latest OCaml release (4.10.0), local storage of your session, and more.
> The service is still in beta, so it would be helpful if you could tell us about any hiccups you may encounter [on the Discuss thread](
Let's read the testimony of Sylvain Conchon about our new version of TryOCaml:
> “TryOCaml saved our lives in Paris Saclay in these times of social distancing. I teach functional programming with OCaml to my Y2 Bachelor’s Degree students. With the quarantine in place, we weren’t able to host the practical assignment in the machine room as usual, so we decided the students would do the exam at home. However, many of our students use Windows on which setting up OCaml is a hassle, or otherwise encountered problems while setting up the OCaml environment. We invited our students to use try-ocaml instead! Many have and the exam went really smoothly.”
......@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ let old_to_new =
; ("/fr/recrutement-ocamlpro/", "/jobs")
; ( ""
, "/" )
; ( ""
, "/" )
; ( ""
, "/" )
; ( ""
......@@ -236,6 +234,8 @@ let old_to_new =
; ( "/2020/03/03/alt-ergo-userss-club-annual-meeting/"
, "/blog/2020_03_03_reunion_annuelle_du_club_des_utilisateurs_dalt_ergo"
; ( "/2020/03/16/new-version-of-try-ocaml-in-beta/"
, "/blog/2020_03_16_new_version_of_try_ocaml_in_beta" )
; ( "/2020/03/23/ocaml-new-best-fit-garbage-collector/"
, "/blog/2020_03_23_in_depth_look_at_best_fit_gc" )
; ("/2020/04/21/opam-2-0-7-release/", "/blog/2020_04_21_opam_2.0.7_release")
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