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title=Release of Alt-Ergo 2.4.0
authors=Albin Coquereau
category=Formal Methods
A new release of Alt-Ergo (version 2.4.0) is available.
You can get it from [Alt-Ergo's website]( The associated opam package will be published in the next few days.
This release contains some major novelties:
- Alt-Ergo supports incremental commands (push/pop) from the [smt-lib ](
- We switched command line parsing to use [cmdliner]( You will need to use `--<option name>` instead of `-<option name>`. Some options have also been renamed, see the manpage or the documentation.
- We improved the online documentation of your solver, available [here](
This release also contains some minor novelties:
- `.mlw` and `.why` extension are depreciated, the use of `.ae` extension is advised.
- Add `--input` (resp `--output`) option to manually set the input (resp output) file format
- Add `--pretty-output` option to add better debug formatting and to add colors
- Add exponentiation operation, `**` in native Alt-Ergo syntax. The operator is fully interpreted when applied to constants
- Fix `--steps-count` and improve the way steps are counted (AdaCore contribution)
- Add `--instantiation-heuristic` option that can enable lighter or heavier instantiation
- Reduce the instantiation context (considered foralls / exists) in CDCL-Tableaux to better mimic the Tableaux-like SAT solver
- Multiple bugfixes
The full list of changes is available [here]( As usual, do not hesitate to report bugs, to ask questions, or to give your feedback!
......@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ let old_to_new =
; ("/fr/recrutement-ocamlpro/", "/jobs")
; ( ""
, "/" )
; ("", "/")
; ("", "/")
(* LEAD TO 404 *)
......@@ -252,6 +251,8 @@ let old_to_new =
; ( "/2020/12/01/memthol-exploring-program-profiling/"
, "/blog/2020_12_01_memthol_exploring_program_profiling" )
; ( "/2021/01/22/release-of-alt-ergo-2-4-0/"
, "/blog/2021_01_22_release_of_alt_ergo_2_4_0" )
; ("/2021/02/02/2020-at-ocamlpro/", "/blog/2021_02_02_2020_at_ocamlpro")
; ("/2021/02/09/opam-2-0-8-release/", "/blog/2021_02_08_opam_2.0.8_release")
; ( "/2021/04/29/alt-ergo-users-club-annual-meeting-2021/"
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