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title=Taskforce on the Tezos Protocol, and TzScan evolution
authors=Michael Laporte

As we are preparing to [work on the Tezos Protocol](https://twitter.com/TezosFoundation/status/984814729213480960), we're still actively keeping the pace on the block explorer TZScan.io, adding cool information for baking accounts. We'd like to allow people to see who is contributing to the network and to understand the distribution of rolls, rights, etc.

For starters, we are showing the roll balance used for baking in the current cycle and the rolls history of a baker.

> [https://tzscan.io/tz1MqVR7hnZwH1FoQ7swjamanNxrXtNVAQ7v?default=baking](https://tzscan.io/tz1MqVR7hnZwH1FoQ7swjamanNxrXtNVAQ7v?default=baking)

Enjoy, more to come in the next weeks!