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title=New updates on TzScan 
authors=Çagdas Bozman

> Update - [TZScan.io](https://tzscan.io/) can now work on top of the zeronet ([zeronet.tzscan.io](https://zeronet.tzscan.io/)), we hope it can help the developers community monitor the network. You can now switch between the alphanet & zeronet networks!

OCamlPro is pleased to announce an update of TzScan 
(https://tzscan.io), its Tezos block explorer to ease the use of the 
Tezos network.

In addition to some minor bugfixes, the main novelties are:

- [Health](https://tzscan.io/health) of the network with stats about the blocks, endorsements, bakers, etc.
- Display of future[ baker’s rights](https://tzscan.io/baking-rights) in the current cycle
- For each account, a more [detailed balance](https://tzscan.io/tz1UsgSSdRwwhYrqq7iVp2jMbYvNsGbWTozp) including the bonds, rewards, fees, etc. for the current cycle and its future basking positions
- A new feature to [inject signed](http://tzscan.io/inject-signed-operation) operations in the network
- In the detailed block’s view, all blocks are displayed at the same level in alternative chains
- UI improvements on desktop, tablet and mobile

We are still working hard trying to improve and add new features to 
TzScan. Further enhancements and optimizations are to come. Enjoy and 
play with our explorer.

If you have suggestions or bugs, please send us reports at contact@tzscan.io