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title=OCamlPro’s Tezos block explorer TzScan’s last updates 
authors=Çagdas Bozman

OCamlPro is pleased to announce the latest update of TZScan ([https://tzscan.io](http://tzscan.io)), its Tezos block explorer to ease the use of the Tezos network. TzScan is now ready for the protocol update scheduled for tomorrow. In addition to some minor bugfixes, the main novelties are: 

- Displaying of obtained and [expected rewards](https://tzscan.io/tz3UoffC7FG7zfpmvmjUmUeAaHvzdcUvAj6r?default=rewards)
- Adding of [internal transactions](https://tzscan.io/tz3UoffC7FG7zfpmvmjUmUeAaHvzdcUvAj6r) of smart contracts
- Adding of [delegation services](https://tzscan.io/delegation-services)
- Aliasing of known account and sponsors
- Improvements of UX, and faster navigation
- Improvements on desktop, tablets and mobiles

We continue to maintain the alphanet and zeronet branches in parallel of the betanet.

We keep on working hard to improve and add new features to TzScan. Further enhancements and optimizations are to come. Enjoy and play with our explorer!
If you have any suggestions or bugs to report, please notify us at [contact@tzscan.io ](mailto:contact@tzscan.io)