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......@@ -9,8 +9,18 @@ You can generate a badge with an URL of the form: ```/badge?label=build&color=gr
Preview: [![the result](/badge?label=build&color=green&style=classic&label_color=black&status=passing&scale=2.0)](/badge?label=build&color=green&style=classic&label_color=black&status=passing&scale=2.0).
### GitHub Actions support
We also support fetching GitHub actions status with an URL of the form: ```/badge/github/workflow/status/OCamlPro/swhid/build.yml```, note that you have to provide the **full filename** (or the identifier) of your workflow because the GitHub API is not that great...
Preview: [![the result](/badge/github/workflow/status/OCamlPro/swhid/build.yml)](/badge/github/workflow/status/OCamlPro/swhid/build.yml).
Even when using this, you can override any parameter, here's the same URL but with a `?color=blue` added: [![the result](/badge/github/workflow/status/OCamlPro/swhid/build.yml?color=blue)](/badge/github/workflow/status/OCamlPro/swhid/build.yml?color=blue).
### Website status
There's support to check the HTTP code returned by a website with an URL of the form: ```/badge/status/https/osh.ocamlpro.com``` (only https is supported for now), preview:
[![the result](/badge/status/https/osh.ocamlpro.com)](/badge/status/https/osh.ocamlpro.com) which should obviously be `200` as it's the page you're reading. :D
As for the GitHub Actions, you can override any parameter you want.
......@@ -136,6 +136,59 @@ let badge_github_workflow_status =
Dream.respond ~headers:[ ("Content-Type", "image/svg+xml") ] badge
let badge_https_domain =
let tbl = Hashtbl.create 512 in
fun request ->
let url = Format.sprintf "https://%s" (Dream.param "domain" request) in
let code, invalid =
match Hashtbl.find_opt tbl url with
| Some (badge, timestamp) ->
let curr_timestamp = Unix.time () in
let invalid = curr_timestamp -. timestamp > 60. *. 10. in
(badge, invalid)
| None -> (-1, true)
let code =
if not invalid then
Ok code
match Ezcurl.get ~url () with
| Error (_code, msg) ->
Error (Format.sprintf "Failed to query the API: curl error: %s" msg)
| Ok response ->
let code = response.Ezcurl.code in
Hashtbl.replace tbl url (code, Unix.time ());
Ok code
let open Ocb in
let code, color =
match code with
| Error e -> (e, Color.Red)
| Ok code ->
let in_range lo hi = code >= lo && code < hi in
let color =
if in_range 100 200 then
else if in_range 200 300 then
else if in_range 300 400 then
else if in_range 400 500 then
else if in_range 500 600 then
let code = Int.to_string code in
(code, color)
let badge =
mk_badge ~label:"status" ~color ~style:Style.Flat ~label_color:Color.Black
~status:code ~scale:1. request
Dream.respond ~headers:[ ("Content-Type", "image/svg+xml") ] badge
let () =
Dream.run ~interface:""
@@ Dream.logger
......@@ -145,5 +198,6 @@ let () =
; Dream.get "/badge" badge
; Dream.get "/badge/github/workflow/status/:user/:repo/:workflow"
; Dream.get "/badge/status/https/:domain" badge_https_domain
@@ Dream.not_found
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